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Speed-Ease Connectors 1072 x 848 v1
Speed-Ease Connectors v2 1072 x 848

Speed-Ease Connectors

Speed-Ease™ Connectors have a grooved outer design to enable easy twisting even when hands may be greasy. They also provide a threaded inner edge which grabs the wires to provide faster and smoother twisting. A unique funnel entry design helps feed the wires into the connector quickly and easily. Designed with a narrower outer barrel but the same inner dimensions as a standard type so they fit into tight spaces. Available in Standard, Slim, High Temperature (Black) and Wing Tab.

Applications: Wire Harnesses, Splices, Lighting Applications


Grooved outer design enable easy twisting

Threaded inner edge grabs wires to provide faster and smoother twisting

Funnel entry design helps feed wires into connector quickly and easily

Narrow outer barrel for tight spaces

Rated to 105 degrees C (221 degrees F)

High Temperature versions available (150 degrees C/302 degrees F)

300V or 600V rated based on style

Wing Tab options available



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL94V2 Certified

  • CSA Certified

  • RoHS Compliant

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