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Hoff-Trex® Female Flag Disconnects

Female Flag Disconnects provide fast and reliable connection and disconnection of two wires by utilizing a 90 degree bend for use in confined spaces. Female Flag Disconnects are available in a variety of options to meet industry requirements spanning automotive, consumer and industrial applications.

Application: Splicing, Tool Crimp, Wire Extension, Compact


Available in NonInsulated, Partially Insulated, and Insulated; Nylon and Vinyl Options

Suit the demands of various operations.

Loose, Tape-On-Reel and Metal Strip Options

Perfect for operations of all sizes.

Loose and Metal strip options

Color-Coded by AWG Sizes


Ease of use and installation.

High Temp Options

Perfect for all types of environments.



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL Certified

  • cUL Certified

  • CSA Certified

  • 600V

  • Maximum Temp 148°C





High Temperature

Part Numbers

Tab Size (in.) Female Disconnect Male Disconnect
0.25 x 0.032 1DF2DM250 2DM1DF250

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