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DSC00809 Ring Terminals on Tape Reel 1072 x 848
DSC00810 Ring Terminals on Tape Reev2l 1072 x 848

Terminals on Tape Reel

High quality solderless terminals provide solid wire crimps that meld both stranded wire or solid wire with the barrel of the terminal into one strong electrical connection. Terminals and Lugs are available in copper with or without tin plating used for corrosion resistance as well as steel. Insulation is available in vinyl and nylon with or without an extra support sleeve (for double crimp). The ring and spade terminals are made from 100% electrolytic copper and are tin plated.

Terminals are available as individual pieces or tape on reel (TOR).

Applications: Tool Crimp, Wire Termination, Wire Extension, Compact


Available in non-insulated as well as Vinyl and Nylon insulated versions

Single crimp and double crimp options available

Sold as loose piece bulk and tape on reel

Butted and Brazed Seam configurations available



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL Listed

  • RoHS Compliant

  • cUL

  • CSA





High Temperature

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