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Hoff-Trex® Tubular Lug Terminals

Hoff-Trex® Tubular Lugs are perfect for industrial wire and cable connections.  These are available in one and two-stud, non-plated, tin-plated and color-coded options, and made from high quality copper. The terminals are annealed making for easy crimping, along with seamless barrels for a secure 
and accurate crimp. 

Applications: Trucks, Busses, Fork Lifts, Automotive, Industrial Equipment, Cable Assemblies, Wire Harnesses, Tool Crimp, & Wire Harnesses


Color-Coded Barrel

Makes for ease of identification.

Sight Hole

For quality check on crimp.

Available from 8 AWG through 600 MCM

Perfect for operations of all sizes.

Made from high-quality copper: 110 Cu ASTM B152

Great for heavy-duty applications.

Annealed Terminals

Easier crimping

Seamless Barrels

Provides a secure and accurate crimp.

Available in One and Two Stud Options

Suit the demands of various operations.



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