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    Custom Cable Printing Services

    Premier Cable IDENTIFICATION

    Custom industrial wire and cable printing has a lot of useful applications. It makes it easy for your business to simplify tasks, provide better service, boost branding, and protect property.

    Custom industrial wire and cable printing can help:

    • Boost your company’s branding for increased awareness

    • Differentiate and identify cable types to simplify daily operations

    • Provide standard directions to workers to help reduce installation errors

    • Protect your property with labels that claim ownership—an effective deterrent to theft and cable misplacement

    • Stand out from the competition and improve service to your customers

    Our custom printed wire services are highly customizable, and our in-house inkjet printing experts will make sure your job is well-executed.
    The Super-Trex cable’s chemical resistance and tough jacket lends itself to a longer cable life, reducing unscheduled downtime which results better runtime and money savings.
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