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Wire & Cable

Increased productivity and decreased downtime is an ongoing mission for your business. Our selection of electric wiring and cables are designed for commercial and industrial applications in the harshest environments and keep your machinery operational day after day. We serve a variety of industries and offer any cable or electrical wire your operation could ever need.

High temperatures, chemicals, flexing, abrasion; nothing will get in the way of your goals. Choose from a deep stock inventory or work with our expert engineers to create your own custom cable or electrical wire.

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Whether you need electrical cable for a top drive on an oil rig, a cat track system for an aerospace plant or an aeration pond at a paper mill, TPC can offer a wide variety of specially designed cables for environments that battle abrasion, tension, chemicals, extreme temperatures, impact and flexing. If a machine breaking down costs you thousands of dollars a minute, take a look at TPC’s wire and cable options. Our cables are specifically designed to keep your process running longer. Click here to review our case studies.


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Available Electrical Wiring Products

The devoted team of electrical cable designers at TPC boasts more than 35 years of experience crafting high-performance wires and cables for harsh industrial environments. Everything is designed in our new facility that includes engineering labs, an assembly center and a distribution center with deep inventory of electrical cables. Do you work in a harsh electrical or mechanical environment? If so, browse our selection of high-grade electric cables, which will operate meticulously in a variety of applications.

Featured wire and cable products include:

  • Antimicrobial Cables – Originally designed to meet the stringent cleaning requirements of our food and beverage customers, antimicrobial cable is also popular with medical/pharmaceutical labs. Defender® is TPC’s brand of antimicrobial products.
  • Chemical/Heat Resistant Cables – Available in shielded and unshielded configurations, these cables can withstand temperatures of 200°C and defend against the harshest chemicals. Chem-Gard® is the TPC brand that supports these environments.
  • Power Cables – Represented by TPC’s Super-Trex® brand, power and control cables are the mainstays of our electrical cable family. This long- standing group includes single and multi-conductor products that like all our products – withstand abrasion, tension, reeling, flexing, cutting, impact and heat.
  • Control/Instrumentation Cables - Many of our products that support instrumentation, control and communicatios are from our Trex-Onics® family of products that were specifically designed for constant flexing applications.
  • High Temperature Cables – Thermo-Trex® is TPC’s brand that supports extreme temperature applications from 400°F to 3000°F. The line includes both power and control cables whose first priority is to withstand the highest heat while staying flexible.