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Cable Sleeving

TPC Wire & Cable Corp. has a cable sleeving option for every industrial environment imaginable. Our ceramic sleeves, fiberglass sleeves, silicone sleeves and abrasion-resistant sleeves offer exceptional protection to give you peace of mind and the confidence that your cables and cords are strong enough to resist damage from corrosion or other destructive forces.

Each type of sleeving offers its own unique form of security and temperature resistance. For example, a ceramic cable sleeve provides a continuous temperature rating of 2,200˚F and intermittent temperatures of 2,600˚F. Abrasion-resistant sleeves are built with a thick nylon/polyester blend fiber to protect electric cables, water lines, air lines, and hydraulic hoses from damage. If you need additional assistance, a TPC Wire & Cable associate will gladly help you find the perfect cable or wire sleeve for your application.

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Types of Cable Sleeving and Where to Use It

Sleeving is available in many types of materials, each offering a different benefit. TPC's selection of sleeving features fiberglass, ceramic, silicone and abrasion resistant products. There are specific benefits to each type. Fiberglass has very fine strands that help keep it very flexible. TPC’s ceramic sleeves have special finishing compounds that reduce friction for easier installation while the silicone/fiberglass combination includes an additional extra thick silicone barrier providing added protection while maintaining flexibility. The reflective/fiberglass sleeve has an aluminized heat seal film that acts as a barrier to radiant heat. The abrasion resistant sleeves are made with extra heavy-duty fibers that are impregnated with abrasion resistant polymers.

Cable sleeving can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Hose protection
  • Cable covers
  • Protection from abrasion
  • Welding cable protection
  • Cable tray protection
  • Protection from molten splash
  • Protection from oil, water or grease

Industries that frequently need sleeving options for their harsh industrial environments are:

  • Auto plants
  • Steel plants
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Utility power stations
  • Plastic molding shops
  • Refineries
  • Paper mills