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Thermo-Trex® Silica Ultra-Sleeve High Temperature Sleeving

Thermo-Trex® Silica Ultra-Sleeve is a braided silica fiber that is 96% pure. Silica offers temperature resistance up to 2,300°F (1,260°C) while offering outstanding flame resistance, flexibility and tensile strength. It also doesn’t have the negative health effects associated with asbestos or ceramic sleeves. Additional inside diameters up to 4 inches are available upon request. This silica material can be used to create a custom blanket for a specific piece of equipment or cabinet as well.

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  • Continuous Temperatures up to 1800°F
  • Extreme Low Temperature -40°F in Dry Applications
  • Intermittent Exposure: 2300°F (1260°C)
  • Flame Resistance: Outstanding
  • Weld Splatter Resistance: Excellent
  • Molten Splash Resistance: Good
  • Flexibility: Outstanding
  • Abrasion Resistance: Moderate
  • Water and Oil Resistance: Moderate

Please contact a TPC Sales Representative or 800-211-4520 for additional information.

  • Steel Mills
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Foundries
  • Glass Factories
  • Welding & Cutting Shops
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Flexing

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