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Vulko-Wrap® Insulating Tape (Black Reinforced)

Reinforced Vulko-Wrap® has been embedded with a glass yarn fiber braid for added strength while maintaining the flexibility found in the traditional Vulko-Wrap product. Reinforced Vulko-Wrap has a temperature rating of from -60°F to +400°F and has a dielectric strength of 500 volts per mil. One roll has 36 feet of tape that is 1 inch wide. It is available in 40 mil thickness in the color black only.

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  • MIL-I-22444C
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Operating Temperature Range -60°F to 400°F
  • Temperature Rating -60°F to 400°F
  • Self-Vulcanizing Wrap
  • High Dielectric Strength
  • Reinforced with Glass Yarn Fiber
  • REINFORCED WITH GLASS YARN BRAID — Reinforcing braid embedded in center of material provides enhanced mechanical strength while still allowing the product to cover irregular shapes.

  • HIGH DIELECTRIC STRENGTH — Can be used for all electrical connections.

  • VULCANIZES IMMEDIATELY — Requires no heat – becomes fully bonded in 24 hours at room temperature. Remains pliable over time.

  • NO ADHESIVES / ADHERES ONLY TO ITSELF — Easy to remove – leaves no residue. Covered fittings are immediately reusable.

  • AVAILABLE IN 40 MIL THICKNESS — Extra thick design allows wrapping over sharp and irregular surfaces without tearing or puncturing.

  • Bus Bar Insulation
  • Cable Insulation Splices
  • Corrosive Areas
  • Electroplating Danglers
  • Food Related Equipment
  • High Heat
  • High Voltage
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Lift Truck Battery Cable Terminals
  • Motor Leads
  • Outdoor Terminations
  • Temporary Repair of Low Pressure Air and Hydraulic Lines
  • Terminal Splicing
  • Transformer Tap Lead Insulation
  • Washdown Areas
  • Chemicals
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Flexing
  • Vulko-Wrap™ Instruction SheetDownload