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Trex-Onics® DeviceNet™ Flex-Net "Thick" High Performance Cable

Flex-Net™ Cable is designed to meet the electrical requirements identified by the Open DeviceNet Association (ODVA) for the “Thin Cable”. The heavy-duty ultra-shield construction is a combination of two shielding technologies that provides both mechanical strength and 100% shielding protection from EMI and RF interference. The heavy duty jacket provides excellent defense against cutting, abrasion, oil and chemicals, and is also flame and heat resistance. Flex-Net™ Cable meets the performance requirements as specified by ODVA with a capacitance between conductors – 12 pF/foot at 1 MHz (nominal), capacitance between one conductor and other conductor connected to shield is 24 pF/foot (nominal), impedance of 120 Ohms +/- 10% at 1 MHz, and propagation delay of 1.36 nSec/foot (maximum). Flex-Net™ Cable is available as a “Thick or Trunk Cable” high performance design.

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  • UL Recognized in the U.S. and Canada
  • Type PLTC
  • FT-4 Flame Rating
  • ODVA Conformity
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 300 V
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 80°C
  • FINE STRANDED COPPER CONDUCTORS — Improves flex life in abusive applications.

  • ELECTRONICALLY TESTED — Meets the performance requirements as specified by ODVA™.

  • ULTRA-SHIELD CONSTRUCTION, A HEAVY-DUTY COMBINATION OF TINNED COPPER SHIELD AND AN ALUMINUM/POLYESTER FOIL SHIELD — 100% shielding provides protection from EM and RF interference. Finely stranded spiral braid provides superior mechanical strength.

  • HEAVY-DUTY GRAY TREX-ONICS® TPE JACKET — Excellent defense against cutting, abrasion, oil and chemicals.

  • TINNED COPPER CONDUCTORS — Resists corrosion. Easier to solder.

  • DRAIN WIRE — Drain wire with each pair to protect against interference.

  • FLUOROPOLYMER TAPE WRAP — Allows the braid and conductors to move more freely within the jacket. Improves performance in high flex torsional applications.

  • WOVEN NYLON TAPE — Improves flexibility allowing conductor bundle to move easily within the jacket. Protects inner conductor bundle from spiral braid.

  • 1 MILLION — Flex tested to over 1,000,000 cycles without electrical failure.

Please contact a TPC Sales Representative or 800-211-4520 for additional information.

  • Abrasions
  • Chemicals
  • Flexing

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