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Thermo-Trex® Igniter Wire with Fiberglass Jacket

Thermo-Trex® is the source for a high temperature resistant, flexible cable. The igniter wire is an 18 AWG, nickel-plated copper conductor that is voltage rated to 25kV and a maximum temperature range of 538°C (1,000°F). Also available with a fluoropolymer jacket.

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  • RoHS Compliant
  • 27% NICKEL PLATED COPPER CONDUCTOR — Reduces corrosion in high heat environment, extends cable life.

  • INSULATED WITH MULTIPLE REINFORCED MICA TAPE WRAPS — Provides strong dielectric properties and good tensile strength. Resists heat and harsh chemicals such as alkali and acids.

  • BRAIDED FIBERGLASS JACKET WITH FLUOROPOLYMER SATURATED FINISH — Provides additional weather and chemical protection. The addition of the Fluoropolymer coating protects the fiberglass braid from damage during insulation, provides a slick surface for easier installation in conduit or cable trays, and extends product use in outdoor environments.

  • Conveyors
  • Pumps
  • Furnaces
  • Motor Operated Valves
  • Emergency Isolation Valves
  • Kiln Fans
  • Flare Stacks
  • Control Panels
  • Crane Hoist
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Flexing

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