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Power Cables

Power cables are the life source of any operation, and at TPC Wire & Cable Corp., we give you access to the best power cable manufacturers on the market. From generator power to mobile equipment, trusting your choice in power cables means you can work with confidence from start to finish. Oil, heat, UV rays, chemicals – nothing will stop you from getting the job done.

Super-Trex® portable power cables are designed with high-quality compounds to provide excellent service and long-term reliability against industrial and environmental abuse.

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The first step to a successful business is finding reliable power cable manufacturers that meet industry standards. Whether you work in the automotive, military or fire protection field, we guarantee that our selection of quality power cables will satisfy. The TPC Wire & Cable Corp. team knows what it takes to succeed in industrial and environmental workplaces. When you buy products from us, you will feel confident that heat, oil, chemicals and UV rays will not hinder everyday operations.

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What Products Are Available?

Our proprietary cable designs don't cut corners when it comes to quality, because it’s essential that our cables stand up to the harshest environments. Environments that our products must withstand are extreme temperatures, abrasion, impact, tension, flexing or chemicals.

Featured products include:

  • Super-Trex Portable Power and Automation Cable - Available in 2 Conductor, 3 conductor, and 4-6 conductor options, this cable is portable for your convenience. Features include a yellow TSE jacket that makes the product suitable for use in all weather conditions; oil and acid-resistant Live-Flex™ ribbed insulation; strong dual layered fiber reinforced jacket; and integral fill, which gives a more rounded appearance and offers torsion resistance.
  • Super-Trex Portable Power Cables - It is easy to identify these cables, which are wrapped in a bright orange jacket. Uninsulated tinned copper conductors offer grounding protection, and the fiber reinforced jacket makes it stronger.
  • Super-Trex Single Conductor Power Cable - Simple to install, this product from our power cable manufacturers features a high strand count and security yellow TSE jacket. Enjoy the exceptional gripping strength of this long-lasting flexible power cable, which is made for tray cable use. It meets UL1685 low smoke requirements and conceals a rugged network of cables that blend single and multi-conductor configurations.
  • Trex-Onics Reduced Diameter Power Cable - This power cable never failed when it was tested to more than 6.5 million cycles. It is crafted with unique tube construction and fine conductor stranding. It moves freely and is impervious to ozone and harsh chemicals.
  • Super-Trex Power Cables - Choose from 2 or 3 conductors for this power cable. The TSE fiber reinforced jacket adds strength and prevents the cable from getting damaged when pulled or twisted.
  • Super-Trex Portable Power and Automation Cable - Suitable for Extra Hard Usage, this power and automation cable will work efficiently in temperatures of 40 degrees Celsius or less. The black-jacketed product resists most industrial chemicals.