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Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Cables

Super-Trex® Variable Frequency Drive Cables (VFD) are designed to provide flexibility that can withstand harsh environmental abuse. The Super-Trex construction provides excellent protection from extreme temperatures, flame, abrasion, chemicals, impact and UV rays. This high performance design makes the product more flexible than most VFD cables of this size and allows for easier and quicker installation.

Trex-Onics® Variable Frequency Drive Cables (VFD) are specifically designed for VFD motor applications. This specially compounded Trex-Onics TPE jacket provides excellent protection from oil, ozone, abrasion, chemicals and UV exposure. The composite insulation system is engineered to withstand corona discharge build-up, which is common in VFD applications. Using a properly grounded Trex-Onics VFD cable can prevent damage to expensive motors and controllers.

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