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High-Quality Welding Cables

Super-Trex® products are specifically designed to withstand high heat and provide excellent protection in harsh applications. These high-quality welding cables are designed with our proprietary Super-Trex TSE jacket to protect the conductors from chemicals, abrasion, oils, impact, ozone, tearing, flame and heat. The insulation system resists oils, coolants, acids and chemicals. Ultra flex welding cables are also available to meet the most demanding needs for flexibility and superior abrasion resistance.

TPC’s welding cables typically last longer than most commercially available welding cables. On average, a TPC welding cable has the capability of being in service for over 13 months without repair or replacement.

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Types of TPC Welding Products

The Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cables and Super-Trex® DC Welding Cables are designed to last longer than other commercial products. In fact, you can expect these TPC products to work efficiently for up to 13 months without need for repair or replacement. Find a TPC case study that matches your environment. See the savings.

What Makes TPC Welding Cable Different?

Our proprietary jacket compounds are designed to be 25% thicker than ordinary welding cable increasing the resistance to tearing, abrasion and impact in the extreme industrial environments they’re used in. Welding cable is also available in TPC’s signature security yellow jackets as well as black and red. Footage markers on the jacket make for easy inventory control and allow for precise measurement and cutting. Cable jackets for the 600 Volt welding cable and DC welding cable remain flexible in any situation since they contain 2-1/2 times more copper stranding than conventional welding cable. Again, this improves impact resistance contributing to a longer lasting cable.

What Applications Can Welding Cable Be Used In?

No matter what type of welding application you work with on a daily basis, TPC products are sure to be a suitable choice. The Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cables and Super-Trex® DC Welding Cables can be used in many of the following applications. Check application variables before choosing the proper cable.

  • Battery cables
  • Ground cables
  • Lift truck cables
  • Electro-plating leads
  • Electro-plating danglers
  • Battery charger lines
  • Welding ground leads
  • Welding electrode leads
  • Battery charger lead wires
  • Bus welding boxes
  • Electrode holder
  • Ground connections to arc welders
  • Portable lighting
  • Power supply applications