Abrasion Resistant Sleeving Products

Abrasion Resistant Ultra-Sleeve with Closures High Temperature Sleeving

Abrasion Resistant Ultra-Sleeve with Closures offer a quick and easy way to install protective sleeving. Choose from hook and loop closure, zipper closure or both hook and loop and zipper closure. Ultra-Sleeve offers superior protection against tearing and abrasion adding greater protection to your electrical cables, water lines, hydraulic hoses, air lines and other critical areas. It offers heat resistance up to 150°F. Available in 1-1/2" inner diameter and 3" diameter. Multiple lengths and closure options make this a highly flexible option.

Ultra Sleeve Hookloop Closure

Ratings / Characteristics

  • Continuous Temperature Range -40°C to 66°C (40°F to 150°F)
  • Abrasion Resistant 


  • UNIQUE CLOSURE DESIGNS FOR QUICK INSTALLATION — Select Hook and Loop, Zipper or combination Hook and Loop & Zipper closure design. Provides quick field installation and removal of sleeving.

  • EXTRA THICK BRAID — Offers superior protection in abusive environments.

  • PROTECTS CABLES AND EQUIPMENT — Protect cables from wear due to abrasion. Decrease downtime due to cable failure. Prevents equipment being marred by chains or cables.

  • ABRASION RESISTANT FINISHING COMPOUNDS — Specially designed with heavy-duty nylon/polyester fibers and impregnated with abrasion resistant polymers to provide abrasion protection in harsh applications.

  • AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE LENGTHS AND CABLE DIAMETERS — Allows you to buy the right size for the job. Protects most cable sizes.


  • Electrical Cables
  • Water Lines
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Air Lines
  • And Other Critical Areas


  • Abrasions
  • Extreme Temperature
  • Flexing


Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

Part Numbers 

  • 49652Y
  • 49632Y
  • 49642Y
  • 49602Y
  • 49612Y
  • 49622Y
  • 49662Y
  • 49653Y
  • 49633Y
  • 49643Y
  • 49603Y
  • 49613Y
  • 49623Y
  • 49663Y
  • 49655Y
  • 49635Y
  • 49645Y
  • 49605Y
  • 49615Y
  • 49625Y
  • 49752Y
  • 49732Y
  • 49742Y
  • 49702Y
  • 49712Y
  • 49722Y
  • 49753Y
  • 49733Y
  • 49743Y
  • 49703Y
  • 49713Y
  • 49723Y
  • 49852Y
  • 49832Y
  • 49842Y
  • 49802Y
  • 49812Y
  • 49822Y
  • 49853Y
  • 49833Y
  • 49843Y
  • 49803Y
  • 49813Y
  • 49823Y
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