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    High Temperature Cable Sleeving Products

    Ceramic Ultra-Sleeve High Temperature Sleeving

    Ceramic Ultra-Sleeve High Temperature Sleeving is a protective sleeve that is ideal for those areas where your cable runs through a particularly harsh environment of flash heat or flame, chemical or mechanical abuse. The Ceramic Ultra-Sleeve offers excellent heat and flame resistance.

    Ceramic Ultra Sleeve

    Ratings / Characteristics

    • RoHS Compliant
    • Continuous Temperature Range 2200°F
    • Intermittent Temperatures up to 2600°F
    • Excellent Flame Resistance


    • EXTRA THICK BRAID — Superior resistance to ultra high temperatures.

    • FINELY STRANDED SPUN CERAMIC FIBERS — Finer strands mean more flexibility. Higher density of ceramic fibers per square inch increases protection of cable.

    • SPECIAL FINISHING COMPOUNDS — Reduces friction for easier installation.

    • AVAILABLE IN VARYING ODs — Allows you to buy the right size for the job. Protects most cable sizes.


    • Extreme Temperature
    • Flexing


    Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 49300
    • 49301
    • 49302
    • 49303
    I love the orientation of the individual wires within the cable shield. It makes it so much easier, not to mention neater, to assign the wires to their designated places.
    Steve Uhlir
    Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio


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