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Chem-Gard® Profibus High Temperature Cable

An Industrial Bus/Data cable that combines Chem-Gard® chemical resistance and high temperature qualities in a Profibus construction built for performance in harsh environments.  


Finely Stranded Tinned Copper Conductors

Resistant to corrosion, improved flexibility and helps reduce conductor fatigue and breakage in flexing applications.

Combination of Tinned Copper Braid Shield and Aluminum/Mylar Tape Shield.

Provides 100% shielding protection from EM and RF interference. The finely stranded braid provides superior flexibility and mechanical strength.


Provides protection against cutting, abrasion, oils and chemicals, extending the overall cable life. Color coded purple for bus cable applications.



Product Overview

Resource-Color Code

Chem-Gard® Profibus High Temperature Cable

Ratings / Characteristics

  • Max Conductor Temperature: 150˚C

  • Velocity of Propagation: 78% Nominal

  • Impedance: 150 Ohms

  • Capacitance: 8.5 pF/Ft.



Extreme Temperature



Part Numbers (Shielded)

part_number Conductor Size (AWG) Conductor/Pole Count Conductor/Pole Count Description Cord Stranding Nominal OD [in.] WT. [LBS.] per 1000' Shielding Type
SC202537 22 AWG 1 1 pair, Red & Green 19x34 .3 43 Overall Shield

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