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Cicoil Flat Cables

Cicoil® Flat Cables are manufactured for ultra-flexibility and withstand tens 
of millions of flex cycles. Industrial automation systems demand cables that 
are flexible, lightweight, and fit into increasingly tight spaces. Many times, 
standard round cable cannot meet these needs. Cicoil flat cables feature 
Flexx-Sil™ technology providing high flexibility, long life, and can withstand 
temperature extremes from -104°C to 260°C. 

Used in thousands of demanding automation applications, these patented flat 
cables can be tailored to meet your exact needs. Virtually any configuration 
can be created using wire gauges from 4 to 44 AWG. The patented Cicoil 
extrusion process also allows the placement of multiple conductors in a single 
flat cable with precise spacing and insulation thickness.


Ultra-Fine Stranded Copper Conductors

Fine stranding improves flex-life and reduces conductor fatigue and breakage. Bare and tinned conductors offered.


EZ-Flexx jacket is used externally on conductors that provide creep resistance, and thermal stability. EZ-Flexx jacketing is color-coded and visible through the Flexx-Sil jacket to provide a quick visual guide to conductor coding.


The Flexx-Sil™ jacket operates from -104°C to +260°C, and under exposure to water, sunlight, radiation, and most chemicals. Halogen-free, flame retardant and self-extinguishing.



Product Overview

Ratings / Characteristics

  • Class 1 Clean Room Rating

  • Operating Temperature: -104°C to 260°C

  • Meets Mil-HDBK-454 Fungus resistant

  • Meets Mil-Std-810 Fungus resistant

  • Meets RTCA DO-160G Fungus resistant

  • Exceeds ASTM E-595 Outgassing requirements







Cold Temperature


High Temperature

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