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Hy-Trex® Oscillating Shower Cable

Hy-Trex® Oscillating Shower Cable

Hy-Trex® Oscillating Shower Cable is designed for use with oscillating 
showers commonly used in paper mill applications for paper machine roll 
cleaning, extractor belt cleaning, filter press cleaning and forming, pressing 
and dryer fabric cleaning. Rated at 300 volts, 90°C maximum conductor 
temperature and UL listed as Type PLTC for installation into cable trays. 
Construction includes a 20 AWG/1-Pair + 20 AWG/5-Cond cabled together 
with Aluminum/Polyester shield and drain wire + 14 AWG/3-Cond with 
overall Aluminum/Polyester shield and tinned copper braid shield. 


Finely Stranded Copper Conductors

Fine stranding improves flex-life and reduces conductor fatigue and breakage.

Specially Compounded TPE Insulation

Resists effects of lubricating oils, coolants, cutting oils, acids, and most chemicals.

Ultra-Shield Aluminum/Polyester Foil Shield and Tinned Drain Wire Construction

Provides 100% protection against EM and RF interference.

Heavy-Duty 85% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid Shield

Provides protection against EM and RF interference.

Specially Compounded TPE Jacket

Offers superior first-line defense against fluids and most chemicals.



Product Overview

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Hy-Trex® Oscillating Shower Cable

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL Listed

  • UL Recognized

  • 300V

  • AWM Style 2661

  • Max Conductor Temperature 90°C

  • Bend Radius (Dynamic): 8x Cable O.D.

  • Bend Radius (Static): 6x Cable O.D.




Part Numbers

Part Number Conductor Size (AWG) Conductor Count Ampacity Nominal O.D. (in.) Weight per 1,000 ft. (lbs.) Standard Cable Gland
SC144318 20 AWG 2 (1 Twisted Pair) 2.5 0.55 196 55005 or 55006
SC144318 20 AWG 5 2.5 0.55 196 55005 or 55006
SC144318 14 AWG 3 12.5 0.55 196 55005 or 55006

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