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    Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable

    The next generation of servo motor and encoder cables is a single-cable solution combining power conductors with signal pairs and the data element of dedicated encoder cables. The convergence of multiple roles into a single-cable solution greatly simplifies inventory management, installation and maintenance. TPC’s Trex-Onics® High-Flex Encoder Cable is built to withstand the harsh industrial environments in which many motors operate; abrasion resistance and long flex-life are key physical characteristics protecting the innovative electrical properties of this exciting, composite, single-cable solution.
    trex-onics high-flex encoder cable



    • 300 V
    • VW-1 Flame Rating
    • Max Conductor Temperature 90ºC
    • UL Recognized in the U.S. & Canada
    • Cold Temperature Rating -40ºC
    • RoHS Compliant
    • AWM


    • FINELY-STRANDED COPPER CONDUCTORS — Improves flexibility and extends conductor life in dynamic applications, color coded for ease of identification. 

    • FILLERS — Low friction, non-wicking fillers increase flexibility in dynamic applications. 

    • SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED TREX-ONICS® TPU JACKET — Superior first line defense against oil, ozone, UV exposure and most chemicals, flame and heat resistant, all-weather flexibility.

    • OIL-RESISTANT INSULATION SYSTEM — Designed to provide a long flex-life for optimal drive performance.

    • HEAVY-DUTY 85% COVERAGE OF TINNED COPPER BRAID — Provides a shield against EM and RF noise and interference. Designed for superior performance in moving applications.

    • SIGNAL PAIRS — Aluminum/polyester shielded for maximum flex-life and signal integrity.

    • DATA PAIRS — Low capacitance and aluminum/polyester shielded for maximum flex-life and signal integrity.


    • Robotics
    • Encoders
    • Motion Control
    • Feedback Cable
    • EnDat
    • Hiperface®
    • SSI
    • Servo Motors


    • Abrasions
    • Chemicals
    • Flexing


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    Part Numbers

    • 68916
    Norfolk Naval Shipyard brought to the rep’s attention a few ideas to improve our welding cables and lines. TPC picked up the ball and designed products that we now use at the Navy Yard every day.
    Douglas E. Kubizna
    Supervisor, Norfolk Naval Shipyard

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