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HY-TREX® CAT5E Profinet

Hy-Trex® CAT5E Profinet is a communication cable designed for flexible installations and special applications. It allows for movement and dynamic environments that consist of motion and vibration. This communication cable 
features conductors insulated with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is jacketed with an extruded TPE jacket. Rated for Type B and C Profinet applications.



Finely Stranded Tinned Copper Conductors

Fine stranding improves flex-life and reduces conductor fatigue and breakage. Tinned conductors resist corrosion and are easier to solder.

Specially Compounded High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Insulation System

Provides excellent dielectric and insulation properties.

75% Coverage Tinned Copper Braid Shield Plus Aluminum/Polyester Foil Shield Construction

Construction Provides protection against EM and RF interference and a low impedance path to ground. Protects equipment and motor damage from electrical noise and “stray voltage."

Specially Compounded Green TPE Jacket

Offers superior first-line defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone and most chemicals.



Product Overview


HY-TREX® Wire and Cable

Resource-Color Code

HY-TREX® CAT5E Profinet


RJ45 Field Installable Connector Instructional Guide for Large Ethernet Cables

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL Listed

  • UL Recognized

  • 600V

  • Max Conductor Temperature 80°C

  • Type PLTC

  • Type ITC

  • Type CM

  • Type CMX

  • AWM Style 2463

  • ANSI/TIA-568-C2: Category 5e Transmission

  • ISO/IEC 11801: Category 5 Transmission

  • Suitable for Class I, Division 2**

  • Cold Bend: -40°C

  • Oil Resistant II

  • Sunlight Resistant

  • Abrasion: 75 cycles/1.5 lb. Load per UL 2556

  • Flex Life Torsional: 3 million cycles +/-180°

  • Flex Life Cable-Chain: 35 million cycles, 5-inch bend radius

  • Bend Radius (Static): 6x Cable O.D.

  • Bend Radius (Dynamic): 8x Cable O.D.



Cold Temperature





Part Numbers

Part No. Conductor Size (AWG) Conductor/Pole Count Stranding NOM O.D.
Shielding Type
PN150-022-2UTP-SFB 22 AWG 1 19 0.31 46 Overall Shield

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