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    Industrial Bus Cables

    industrial Network Cables

    The primary operation of networking cables is to connect two or more devices to each other to function as one system. When working in an industrial environment, these connections are crucial to a fully functioning jobsite. At TPC, we offer a wide variety of networking cables including profibus cables, cat6 and cat6A network cables to keep your business running smoothly. 

    Our portfolio of industrial network cables are designed for applications requiring flexibility and portability and resistance to oils and chemicals. By using a polyurethane jacket, our cables  provides superior protection against cuts and abrasion.

    Since we began using TPC, I am very happy to report we have not changed a single cable out to date. TPC has greatly reduced downtime and is an important asset to our welding safety program. I highly recommend TPC cables for any severe service condition.
    Dennis D. Bullock
    Boilermaker Leadman, Northtown Diesel Shop, Burlington Northern Railroad

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