Trex-Onics® Low Capacitance VFD Shielded Power Cable

Trex-Onics® Low Capacitance VFD Shielded Power Cable is designed for superior performance. A heavy-duty tinned copper braid protects equipment and motors from damage caused by electrical noise and ‘stray voltage’. It also provides a shield against electromagnetic and radio frequency interference and a low impedance path to ground.

This power cable features finely stranded tinned copper conductors that extend conductor life in dynamic applications and are alpha-numerically marked for ease of identification. The oil-resistant insulation system offers high dielectric, tensile, and mechanical properties.


Finely Stranded Tinned Copper Conductors

Improves flexibility and extends conductor life in dynamic applications. Conductors are alpha-numerically marked for ease of identification.

XLPE Insulation System

High dielectric, tensile and mechanical properties.

Heavy-Duty 95% Coverage of Tinned Copper Braid

Provides a shield against EM and RF noise and interference, and a low impedance path to ground. Protects equipment and motor damage from electrical noise and “stray voltage”. Designed for superior performance in moving applications.

Specially Compounded Security Yellow Trex-Onics® TPE Jacket

Superior first line defense against oil, ozone, UV exposure, as well as most chemicals. Flame and heat resistant.


Low friction, non-wicking fillers provide increased flexibility in dynamic applications.

VFD cable completed over 4,000,000 cycles in cable carrier testing without failure.

Flat Braid Drain Wire



Product Overview


Case Study: Top Drive/Rig 286 Application in Oil Drilling


VFD: Installing Cable that Powers and Protects

Ratings / Characteristics

  • UL Listed

  • CSA

  • CE

  • CSA – 1,000 V

  • Type TC-ER

  • FT-4 Flame Rating

  • Suitable for Class 1,2, Division 2

  • Sunlight Resistant

  • RoHS Compliant

  • Corona Resistant to 2,000V

  • Maximum Conductor Temperature 90°C

  • Oil Resistant








Part Numbers

Part No. Conductor Size (AWG) Conductor/Pole Count STRANDING AMPACITY WT. PER 1000'
DRAIN WIRE AWG Shielding Type
60040LC 16 AWG 4 26 x 30 18 145 0.563 18 Overall Shield
60041LC 14 AWG 4 41 x 30 25 158 0.588 16 Overall Shield
60042LC 12 AWG 4 65 x 30 30 247 0.656 14 Overall Shield
60043LC 10 AWG 4 105 x 30 40 308 0.71 14 Overall Shield
60044LC 8 AWG 4 168 x 30 55 528 0.926 14 Overall Shield
60045LC 6 AWG 4 266 x 30 75 753 1.02 14 Overall Shield
60046LC 4 AWG 4 413 x 30 95 1083 1.2 14 Overall Shield

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