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    Portable Cord Cable Products

    Our phone number on the cable looks really cool, too.
    Steve Uhlir
    Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio

    Super-TREX® Ultra-Gard

    Super-Trex® Ultra-Gard Cable is one of TPC's most tried and true products — now with more ratings. It's a highly flexible portable cord with excellent resistance to impact, cutting, abrasion, oils and most industrial chemicals. Rated for Extra Hard Usage, this cable also features tinned extra-flex stranded copper conductors and live-flex insulation with no-wick reinforced fillers and 100% fabric serve. Security yellow TSE jacket allows for extreme all weather flexibility.

    Super-Trex® Ultra-Gard® Portable Cords (Type TC-ER Rated)

    Ratings / Characteristics

    • UL Listed
    • CSA
    • MSHA Approved
    • Type SOOW
    • FT-4 Flame Rating
    • Suitable for Class I, II, III, Division 1 & 2
    • UV Resistant
    • Extra Hard Usage
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 600 V
    • Max Conductor Temperature 90°C 


    • TINNED EXTRA-FLEX #34 AWG BUNCH STRANDED COPPER — Improves flexibility and reduces conductor fatigue and breakage. The tinned conductors resist corrosion making them easier to solder.

    • LIVE-FLEX OIL AND FLUID RESISTANT THERMOSET INSULATION, WITH SEPARATOR — Resists effects of lubricating oils, coolants, cutting oils, acids and most chemicals. Superior tensile strength.

    • NO-WICK RAYON-REINFORCED SYNTHETIC FILLER — Adds tensile strength. Improves flexibility and won't wick up liquids. Acts like a shock absorber to reduce damage from impact.

    • 100% FABRIC SERVE, JACKET IMPREGNATED — Increases tear resistance, provides greater protection from impact.

    • SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED, SECURITY YELLOW, SUPER-TREX® TSE JACKET — Superior first-line defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone, and mot chemicals. Flame and heat-resistant. Extreme all-weather flexibility.

    POPULAR Applications

    • Cord Reels
    • Conveyors
    • Construction Sites
    • Dockside Power
    • Extension Cords
    • Floor Polishers
    • Foot Switches
    • Heavy-Duty Tools
    • Hospital Equipment
    • Industrial Heaters
    • Man Cooling Fans
    • Motor Leads
    • Pendant Pushbutton Stations
    • Portable Machinery
    • Sanders
    • Signaling Equipment
    • Sound Equipment
    • T-Stands


    • Abrasions
    • Chemicals
    • Flexing
    • Impact



    Case Study: Potato Chip Manufacturer Keeps their Spice Machine Moving  DOWNLOAD
    White Paper: Crush and Impact Testing  DOWNLOAD
    Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 87192TC
    • 87197TC
    • 87191TC
    • 87193TC
    • 87198TC
    • 87202TC
    • 87206TC
    • 87207TC
    • 87208TC
    • 87194TC
    • 87199TC
    • 87195TC
    • 87200TC
    • 87196TC
    • 87201TC

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    Our phone number on the cable looks really cool, too.
    Steve Uhlir
    Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio


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