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    Industrial Power Cable Products

    Super-Trex® Type W - RHH/RHW-2 Single Conductor Power Cable

    Super-Trex® Type W RHH/RHW-2 Single Conductor Power Cable features a high strand count and our live-flex insulation to provide superior flexibility and ease of installation.

    The security yellow TSE jacket provides excellent protection against pulling, twisting, abrasion, tearing, impact, oils and industrial chemicals.

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    Product Spec Sheet
    Type W RHH/RHW Power Cable

    Ratings / Characteristics

    • UL Listed
    • Type W – 2,000 V
    • Type RHH/RHW-2 — 600 V
    • Suitable for Class 1,2,3, Division 1 & 2
    • UV Resistant
    • RoHS Compliant
    • Max Conductor Temperature 90°C
    • -40°C Cold Bend Test
    • Extra Hard Usage


    • TINNED COPPER CONDUCTOR BUNCHED IN A LEFT HAND LAY — Resists corrosion, easy to solder, improved flex life.

    • #30 AWG STRANDED COPPER CONDUCTOR — Provides for easy installation and longer life in vibration and flexing applications.

    • MYLAR SEPARATOR — Easier to strip. Saves time.

    • LIVE-FLEX EPR CONDUCTOR INSULATION RATED 90°C — Prevents kinking and breakage due to twisting and flexing. Resists dry rot. High dielectric, tensile and mechanical properties.

    • SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED, SECURITY YELLOW, SUPER-TREX® TSE JACKET — Superior first-line defense against tearing, abrasion, impact, oil, ozone, and mot chemicals. Flame and heat-resistant. Extreme all weather flexibility.


    • Automation Equipment
    • Cat Track
    • Crane Power
    • Electroplating Equipment
    • Induction Furnaces
    • Motor Power Leads
    • Metal Heat Treating Equipment
    • Permanent Power
    • Pumps
    • Wet and Dry Environments


    • Abrasions
    • Chemicals
    • Flexing
    • Impact
    • Tension



    Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 86324E
    • 86325E
    • 86326E
    • 86319E
    • 86321E
    • 86323E
    Norfolk Naval Shipyard brought to the rep’s attention a few ideas to improve our welding cables and lines. TPC picked up the ball and designed products that we now use at the Navy Yard every day.
    Douglas E. Kubizna
    Supervisor, Norfolk Naval Shipyard


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