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Super-Trex® Extra Heavy-Duty All Weather Reeling CablE

Super-Trex® Extra Heavy-Duty All Weather Reeling Cable features an aramid center strength member providing up to 6,000 pounds of break strength, an integral fill design and dual layered aramid fiber reinforced jacket for added strength. Excellent all weather protection against abrasion, impact, oils, solvents, sunlight and UV light.

Super-Trex® Extra Heavy-Duty All-Weather Reeling Cable

Ratings / Characteristics

  • 600 V
  • Operating Temperature Range -40°C to 90°C
  • Aramid Reinforced
  • All Weather Usage
  • Harsh Industrial Applications
  • Extra Heavy-Duty


  • FLEXIBLE HEAT AND MOISTURE RESISTANT EPR CONDUCTOR INSULATION 90°C — Provides protection to the individual conductors while allowing them to remain flexible, provides long flex life in heavy duty reeling applications.
  • INTEGRAL FILL DESIGN — Inner jacket compound fills interstices of cable and locks conductors into place preventing corkscrewing and premature cable failure.
  • EXTRA HEAVY-DUTY ALL WEATHER CONSTRUCTION — This product is suitable for harsh industrial applications, indoor or outdoor use. The high quality compounds provide superior protection from sunlight, UV, oils, solvents, water, impact, heat and offer excellent all weather flexibility.
  • CENTRAL STRENGTH MEMBER RUBBER JACKETED ARAMID REINFORCEMENT — Provides additional overall strength to the cable, reduces stress on conductors.
  • FINELY STRANDED FLEXIBLE TINNED COPPER CONDUCTORS — Provide longer flex life in reeling applications, tinned copper conductors resist corrosion and are easy to solder.
  • SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED, SECURITY YELLOW, SUPER-TREX® TSE JACKET — Double pass aramid reinforced jacket provides superior tensile strength in the most demanding reeling applications. The combination of a center aramid strength member with the reinforced aramid jacket provides 6,000 pounds of break strength.


  • Abrasions
  • Chemicals
  • Flexing
  • Impact
  • Tension



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Part Numbers

  • 88842
  • 88847
  • 88852
  • 88857
  • 88879
  • 88862
  • 88867
  • 88859
Just wanted to say your heavy-duty cable stripper has helped us maintain a safer work environment for our heavy cable assembly area.
Tyler McLaughlin
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