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    Retractile Coil Cord Products

    Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!
    Tyler McLaughlin
    TT Electronics-IMS

    Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable

    Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable is designed to survive the harsh industrial environments where boilers and furnaces are found. Our cable is uniquely designed to be light weight, abrasion, heat and moisture resistant; ideal properties for the long retractable soot blower application. As an added benefit, TPC's sootblower cable allows for better inventory control and spend. OEM coil cords are often sold in "left hand or right hand" versions. Our sootblower cable fits either orientation, so only one part number needs to be managed.

    Trex-Onics® Sootblower Cable

    Ratings / Characteristics

    • IP67 Rated
    • IP68 Rated
    • 600 V
    • Max Conductor Temperature 105°C


    • MOLDED PLUGS — Designed for ease of installation. These plugs offer a secure connection and protection against the environment.

    • LIGHT, DURABLE MATERIAL CREATES A SMALLER, TIGHTER COIL — 30% lighter than the competition. During installation, there is no need to align the coils resulting in less hassle and less downtime.

    • ULTRA-SMOOTH TPE JACKET DESIGN —Specially compounded, Super-Trex TPE jacket provides a high degree of abrasion resistance. Superior first-line defense against oil, ozone and UV exposure as well as most chemicals. Flame and heat resistant. Extreme all-weather flexibility;

    • DESIGNED FOR LONG TERM COIL RETENTION — The light weight material (30% lighter than the competition) and compact design makes it easier to manage during installation.

    • ABRASION RESISTANCE — Ultra-Smooth jacket gently slides along the sootblower guide wire.

    • HEAT RESISTANCE — 105°C insulation and jacket material.

    • MOISTURE RESISTANCE — Molded assembly and cable construction resists moisture.

    • OPTIONAL — Available with 2 ft. leads on both ends.


    • Utility Power Boilers
    • Recovery Boilers
    • Package Boilers
    • Kraft Recovery Boilers
    • Culinary Steam Boilers
    • Fluidized Bed Refinery
    • Petrochemical
    • Incinerators
    • Waste Heat
    • Heat Recovery System Generator (HRSG)
    • Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD)


    • Abrasion
    • Extreme Temperature


    Product Spec Sheet  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 604416
    • 604425
    • 604445
    • 604456
    • 604425-24
    • 604445-24
    • 604456-24
    Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!
    Tyler McLaughlin
    TT Electronics-IMS


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