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    Welding Cable Products

    Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!
    Tyler McLaughlin
    TT Electronics-IMS


    Ideal for use in the metals industry for welding or power applications, Super-Trex® 600 Volt Welding Cable is designed for rugged use featuring our extra-flex #34 AWG bunch-stranded, rope-lay copper conductor, 100% fabric-serve insulation, and a TSE cable jacket with a 25% thicker wall compared to ordinary cable. The result is a flexible power and welding cable that withstands tearing, abrasion, impact, and chunking, extending the life of the cable in harsh applications.

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    Product Spec Sheet
    Super-Trex 600 Volt Welding Cable


    • UL Listed
    • CSA
    • MSHA Approved* (2 AWG and Larger)
    • Type SC
    • FT-1 Flame Rating
    • UV Resistant
    • RoHS Compliant
    • 600 V
    • Max Conductor Temperature 90°C


    • EXTRA-FLEX™ #34 AWG BUNCH STRANDED ROPE LAY COPPER 2-1/2 times more stranding than conventional welding cables. Reduces copper conductor fatigue and breakage. Easier to work with. High impact resistance.

    • 100% FABRIC SERVE — Improves tear resistance and reduces jacket shrink-back.

    • FOOTAGE INDICATORS MARKED ON THE JACKET — Easy, precise measuring reduces waste and improves productivity.

    • SPECIALLY COMPOUNDED, SECURITY YELLOW, SUPER-TREX® TSE JACKET RATED 600 VOLT — Superior first-line defense against all types of industrial and environmental abuse. Flame and heat resistant. Extreme all-weather flexibility.

    • JACKET IS 25% THICKER THAN ORDINARY CABLE — Withstands tearing, abrasion, impact, and chunking.

    • FLEX TESTED to over 1,000,000 cycles in cable carrier without failure.


    • Battery Charger Lead Wires
    • Bus Welding Boxes or Transformers
    • Electrode Holder and Ground Connections to Arc Welders
    • Portable Lighting
    • Power Supply Applications


    • Abrasion
    • Chemicals
    • Extreme Temperatures
    • Flexing
    • Impact
    • Tension



    Case Study: Weld Cable in a Utility Applications  DOWNLOAD
    Case Study: Steel Plant Updates Welding Cable On Tripper Machine  DOWNLOAD
    Case Study: Magnetic Testing Machine in Oil & Gass Application  DOWNLOAD
    Product Spec Sheet with Ampacity Chart  DOWNLOAD

    Part Numbers

    • 86310
    • 86311
    • 86312
    • 86314
    • 86315
    • 86316
    • 86317
    Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!
    Tyler McLaughlin
    TT Electronics-IMS


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