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Custom Cable Suppliers You Can Rely On

TPC Wire & Cable Corp. provides custom engineered products designed with application and environmental information supplied by the customer. These products are built specifically to solve a particular problem for an individual customer and represent a valuable service. The engineers who solve these problems are from the electrical, mechanical, chemical and industrial engineering disciplines.TPC Custom Designed and Engineered Wire and Cable

Custom Power Cables

TPC’s custom designed and engineered high performance cables are designed for the most demanding industrial applications. Cable designs include:

  • Chemical Resistant Cables
  • Composite Cables
  • Custom Data Communications Cables
  • Custom Thermocouple Cables
  • High Temperature Cables
  • High Tension Reeling Cables
  • Aramid Reinforced Cables
  • Low Temperature Cables
  • Water Resistant Cables

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A major part of TPC’s capabilities is working with customers to custom design and develop cables specifically for their application needs. For further information on our custom electrical wire and cable capabilities, download our Engineered Solutions for Industrial Connection Systems and Custom Cable Solutions Brochures.

TPC Solves Problems in Today’s Industrial Applications

Wire and cable is a vital link in your facility’s electrical system. Equipment requires quality cord and cable that can stand up to today’s industrial environments. Cord and cable applications are subject to one or more of the following conditions:

  • Crushing & Abrasion
  • Impact & Vibration
  • Pulling & Flexing
  • Sunlight
  • Extreme Hot & Cold
  • Oils, Chemicals & Water