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Wood, Pulp & Paper Cable Manufacturer

In the wood, pulp, and paper industry there are several tough conditions your cables and connectors must endure. From flexing to heat to moisture to extensive abrasion, your operation must continue regardless of what environment you are operating in whether it be saw mills, wood yards or paper processing. At TPC Wire & Cable Corp. we design and construct our products to not only outlast the standard commercial product – but to outlast it by 8-10 times its normal life.

Choosing a high quality provider will save you time, money, and the labor cost of having to replace your worn-down products. In the wood, pulp, and paper market, TPC has developed many solutions to meet your cable needs for power and portable cord, P&R cord (Payout & Retractile), control cable, welding cable, and accessories to simplify your daily responsibilities. Choose the best – choose TPC Wire.

Hood Lighting Applications
Chem-Gard cables are great for use in the turbine area of the plant and around boilers. If you have caustic areas where high concentrations of chemicals eat up existing cables or if you are running cable in conduit around a boiler where the cables are being baked inside the conduit due to the heat and steam, Chem-Gard would be an excellent solution. Chem-Gard cables will withstand temps up to 200°C (392°F) and can withstand almost any chemical for long periods of time. Due to its chemical and temperature resistance and very small outside diameter, Chem-Gard is a very popular alternative to THHN in conduit or for your Hood Lighting.

Sootblower Applications
At TPC, we have developed a new soot blower cable for these applications and you never have to worry about left or right hand coils, it’s also great for purchasing as they don’t have to order and carry inventory of two separate items. It has molded plugs that will connect to your existing equipment, light durable cable with tighter coils for easier handling and installation, ultra-smooth abrasion resistant jacket and excellent heat resistance rated to over 200°F. It’s also available with optional 2 ft leads on both ends to provide easier installation.

Pond Aeration Pumps
Our submersible power cables are built tough to withstand the harsh chemicals found in industrial aeration ponds, which means less frequent cable replacement. The Super-Trex® cable jacket also provides protection against sunlight and UV light which extends the cable life in outdoor applications. The flexible properties of Super-Trex allow the cable assembly to be installed in tight spaces – reducing the time it takes for installation. Our Engineered Products Department can build per your custom specification. Download the Pond Aeration Systems sheet.


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