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Custom Cable Printing Services

Use Custom Cable Printing for Identification And Marketing Purposes

There are many ways your company can benefit from custom cable printing, from easier cable identification to better business branding. By labeling wires with your company’s name, directions for use or designated type, you can simplify work for your employees and improve service to your customers. How exactly does custom cable printing help you? Why is it so useful? To answer these questions, here’s a look at some of the specific perks and advantages that custom cable printing delivers.

By using custom cable printing, your company is able to:

  • Designate Type of Wire: Identifying the use of each wire will be easy for workers when there is printed text that designates each type. TPC Wire & Cable Corp. will print the designations or directions that you choose, helping your people use the appropriate wires.

  • Provide Directions to Workers: Make it easier for workers to know how to use particular wires and/or what direction to install them by clearly and simply printing directions on the wire. This helps to reduce installation error and improve service to your clients.

  • Better Business Branding: As any marketer will tell you, the more ways and mediums you can use to reinforce your business branding, the better. Label your wires with your company name and logo in order to amplify your business branding right down to your wires.

  • Protect Your Property: Stake your claim on specific wire by clearly labeling it with your business name. Not only does this boost branding, but it also quickly and easily identifies the wires as yours. Labeling your wires creates an effective deterrent to theft and also reduces cable misplacement for workers on the job.

Because TPC Wire & Cable Corp. specializes in custom ink jet cable printing, we’re able to provide custom cable printing services right to your specifications. Simply let us know what you need printed on each wire variety, and our printing experts can complete the job to your specification. Whether you’re a construction company looking to keep your products from being confused with subcontractor equipment or a contractor wanting to mark cable in a way that identifies how much is left on the roll, TPC Wire & Cable Corp. can help.

Our printing capabilities extend to a wide variety of industries to fit your particular printing needs, whether they are industry standards or preferences of your company. We print cable for the automotive, oil and gas, industrial manufacturing, food and beverage, transportation industries and more. Fully equipped to print custom text on any type of cable, we make it easy for your business to simplify tasks, provide better service, boost branding and protect your property.

Here are the Types of Cables Used for Wire Printing:

  • Data communications cable
  • Chemical-resistant cable
  • Aramid-reinforced cable
  • Composite cable
  • Custom thermocouple cable
  • Water-resistant cable
  • High-temperature and low-temperature cable
  • High-tension reeling cable

What’s more, if you have a different type of cable than one you see listed above, let us know. Tell us what you need printed, and our custom printing design experts will strive to make it possible.

Contact us at (800) 211-4520 or use the "Request a Quote" tool on our website to get a quote for your custom wire printing job today!