industrial Cable Selection Process by application

Choosing the right industrial electrical cable requires you to consider a lot of different factors. Along with the application, you should consider how the cable will be installed, what type of environment it will live in and the type of abuse it will be subjected to. 


Industrial cable is ideal for use in tough, demanding applications in a variety of industries. TPC Wire and Cables work well in environments where the temperature is high or frigid. Our industrial cables can withstand harsh treatment such as impact, abrasion, chemicals, flexing and contact with direct flames. 


Every circumstance is different, which is why electrical cable selection is so essential. TPC Wire and Cable offers many types of industrial cables to fit the needs of your application.  Let our team of experts lead you through choosing the right cable for your application or offer our custom cable solutions to ensure you get the right cable for your applications in need.


See all the different industrial applications our wire and cable supports and see some of the top featured products below.


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