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    Are your wire and cable applications in an environment that faces excess friction or abrasion? Do you often face unwanted downtime because cable jackets are wearing through? Failure attributed to abrasion is usually caused by having a cable jacket that is too thin or from using a material that is not durable enough to protect the cable's conductors. A cable engineered to withstand these abuses can keep the integrity of the conductors intact. 

    The construction of every TPC wire and cable product takes jacket material into consideration when designing solutions that will be used during abrasive applications. Choosing the right cable for abrasive applications ensures a longer life with less downtime from constant repair and replacement. 

    TPC Wire and Cables TOP Featured abrasion Resistant Products: 

    Our Super-Trex® products are highly flexible, rated for extra-hard usage and have excellent resistance to impact, cutting, abrasion, oils, and most industrial chemicals.  Super-Trex products are widely used in abrasive applications and are jacketed with a specially compounded thermoset elastomer, making it an extremely durable option for the most common industrial applications.


    If you need cables that have superior abrasion resistance while being heat and chemical-resistant, take a look at the Chem-Gard® family products that are formulated to withstand this unique combination of harsh elements. Chem-Gard Cable is a high-temperature and chemical-resistant cable for control and instrumentation applications that can withstand a maximum conductor temperature up to 200°C.

    Explore our featured abrasion Resistant Products:

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