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Have you ever had a cable that swells, stiffens, or cracks after coming into contact with chemicals, oils, or coolants? Cables with prolonged exposure to these acidic and caustic chemicals can be at risk of failure, causing unecessary downtime for repairs or replacement. Having an industrial cable with a rugged chemical-resistant jacket and insulating materials can protect the cable from failure and keep your operation running smoothly. 


TPC is the leading supplier of UL-recognized chemical and solvent-resistant cables. Our Chem-Gard cables are built using chemical-resistant FEP jackets and insulation while our Super-Trex cables feature live-flex insulation and no-wick reinforced fillers that resist oils and harsh chemicals without sacrificing flexibility. Ask a TPC representative to demonstrate the durability of our cable when submerged in Kerosene for a prolonged time period.

Our Super-Trex family of portable cords, power cables, and reeling cables features products built with a durable thermoset jacket that resists swelling and cracking even during extended exposures to harmful oils. Our Trex-Onics family of control & instrumentation cables features products built with a rugged polyurethane jacket designed to protect the cable against harmful chemicals and oils even in applications where abrasion and flexing are common.

Our Chem-Gard® family of chemical-resistant products are rated for -60°C to +200°C and are available in single conductor, multi-conductor and individually shielded pair configurations featuring a fluoropolymer jacket that provides this line of electrical cable excellent chemical, abrasion, and high heat resistance. In addition, we offer a chemical and heat resistant (+200°C) Chem-Gard® CAT6 Industrial Ethernet Cable for superior performance across Ethernet/IP applications.

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