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Are your cables being directly hit or run over on a regular basis? Is there excess friction causing the cable jacket to wear out? In today’s industrial environments, impact abuse is a common cause of cable damage and replacement. TPC Wire & Cable’s rugged industrial cable designs always keep impact resistance in mind. Thick jacket walls of specially compounded materials are the first line of defense against impact. Using fillers that act as shock absorbers is a second line of defense against impact. Finally, TPC will always choose a conductor stranding that offers maximum flex life and protection from impact. Our products are designed and constructed to typically last 8-10 times longer than traditional commercial cable and wire.

TPC Wire and Cables TOP Featured IMPACt Resistant Products:

If you're looking for cables that can defend against impact with additional environmentally resistant properties we carry the most durable cables in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit every application. Our Super-Trex® products are designed for impact, vibration, abrasion, pulling, flexing, oil, chemicals, extreme heat, and cold. 

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