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Do you have an application that involves reeling or puts a constant tensile load on a cable? If you aren't using the right cable it can cause unnecessary corkscrewing and premature failure.  Reeling cables can be used for a variety of applications, but they all must be able to handle constant abuse and substantial payloads. At TPC Wire & Cable, we offer industrial-strength cables and cords to keep your machinery operational and your productivity at full pace.

TPC Wire and Cables TOP Featured tension Resistant Products:

TPC Wire & Cable reeling cables are designed with high-quality compounds to provide excellent service and long-term performance. Some of the benefits you can expect from TPC’s Reeling Cable selection include being tear, abrasion, flame, chemical, and impact resistant. From our Super-Trex® Extra Heavy-Duty All-Weather Reeling Cable and Multi-Conductor P & R Cable to Trex-Onics® Reduced Diameter Extra Heavy-Duty Reeling Cable, TPC provides strong, reliable reeling cables that stand up to your harshest work environments.

Explore our Featured tension resistant application Products:

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