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As a leading supplier of industrial wire and cable to the automotive industry, Amphenol TPC products support numerous stamping, powertrain, and Tier 1 and Tier 2 facilities across the globe. ATPC is dedicated to ensuring your process automation runs seamlessly, whether you require power and control for your robots or high-flex vision cables. Our products are widely used in various critical areas such as the assembly process, door check lines, bolsters, robotic welders, and countless other applications.

Our customers rely on signature products such as our extremely flexible Type W and SOOW power cables, known for their ability to withstand impact and abrasion and our control cables which are popular for their reduced diameter and long flex-life. We offer a variety of high-quality motion control cables, including servo motor cables, high-flex encoder cables, flexible VFD cables, and molded cord sets for sensors and motors.


Automotive Market Applications

ATPC provides high-performance cables engineered with cost-saving durability designed for use in a number of industry-specific applications.



Trim / Chassis / Final

Melting Furnace

Machining / Metalworking

Body (Body Weld)

Air Conditioning Fill 

 Battery Charging Stations/Test Stations 

Brake Fill 

 Door System Test 

Drive System 

 Elevators / Skillet System AGVs 

 Festoon Systems 

 Gas Fill 

 Hand Tools 

 Master Power Distribution Drop 

 Moving Cable Carriers 

 Photo Eyes 

 Prox Switch 

 Radiator Fill 

Temperature & Measuring 
High Temp. Power and I/O
Material Handling Equipment Robots
Robot Handling Equipment, Air 
Hoses, Electrical Cable, Hydraulic 
Cranes & Jib Crane

CNC Machine 
Die Casting Machinery 
Drive System 
Limit & Proximity Switches 
Material Handling Equipment 
Portable Welding Units 
Profibus Systems

Weld Cable Assemblies
7-Axis Robot
Weld Cell
Robot Power Control
Tool Changer



Forging of Cranks & Camshaft

Die Shop

Tool Making 

Aluminum Casting

Valve Control 

Hand Tools
Portable Power

Portable Power 
Prox Sensor, Signal & Control 
 Tooling & Valves

Engine Test Harness

High-Pressure Diecasting


 Engine Assembly

Paint Shop 

Casting Machines & Pendant Stations 
Die Blocks, Light Curtains 
 Manifolds & Sand Molding 
 Material Handling Equipment Robots 
 Photo Eyes 
 Safety Switches 

Cable Carriers 
 Die Power & I/O 
Moving Press Bolster Cables 
 Reeling Systems 
 Retractile & Coil Cord Systems 
Shorting Plugs for Safety 

Engine Test 
 Festoon Systems 
 Machine Tending Robots 
 Material Handling Equipment Robots 
Nut Runner 

Ecoat & Oven (Motors & Drives, Lights) 
Phosphate Wash 
Plastics (Molding) 
Primer & Oven 
Sealing & Oven

Wire and Cable Solutions for Automotive Applications 


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Solutions for the Automotive Industry

TPC-Literature Image-02

Cable Solutions for Motion Control

TPC-Literature Image-02

VFD Cable Solutions

TPC-Literature Image-02

Super-Trex® Family of Electrical Cord & Cable

TPC-Literature Image-02

Trex-Onics® Family of Electrical & Electronic Cable

TPC-Literature Image-02

Thermo-Trex® Family of High-Temperature Wire, Cable & Sleeving

TPC-Literature Image-02

Chem-Gard® Family of Cable for Extreme-Temperature & Chemicals

TPC-Literature Image-02

Cable Carrier Systems

TPC-Literature Image-02

VFD: Installing Cable that Powers and Protects

Case Studies


Automotive Stamping Plant Boosts Production & Eliminates Failure with Custom Bolster Cable


Automotive Customer in a Bind Over Robotic Welder Wearing Out Cable


Tier-1 Auto Parts Supplier's Servo Motor Cable Doesn't Cut It


Custom Bolster Cable Saves Auto Components Manufacturer $34,000, Adds 105 Hours


TPC VFD Cable Reduces Motor Failure for Auto Components Manufacturer


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