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Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!
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In the Wood, Pulp & Paper industry, plant conditions can be harsh and demanding on traditional cable applications, eventually leading to cable failure and costly repairs. TPC offers rugged wire and cable solutions specifically engineered to withstand the flexing, impact, abrasion, caustic chemical exposure and extreme temperatures found in these conditions.


Our signature products include extremely flexible Type W and SOOW cables known for their ability to withstand crush, impact and abrasion, high temperature resistant cablesheat and chemical resistant cables, and our family of reeling and control cables. Specially designed industrial cable products include our, 200°C CAT6 industrial Ethernet cable and ambidextrous sootblower cable.


If you're in need of heat-resistant cablechemical-resistant cableshielded or unshielded multi-conductor cablevariable frequency drive cable, or even custom cable to solve a specific problem, TPC has a solution for you. Explore our case studies below to see how we’re helping reduce downtime and increase productivity for our wood, pulp and paper customers.

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Case Studies

Paper Mill Conquers Heat and Moisture Issues with Lighting Fixtures Using Chem-Gard® 200 READ NOW
TPC PP&A Cable Outlasts Commodity Product 3:1 in Aeration Pond Application READ NOW
Chilean Paper Company Switches to TPC, Saves $7.5K and Increased Production by 15 Hours READ NOW
Paper Mill Saves $145,000, Adds 1,000 Production Hours with Ambidextrous Soot Blower Cable READ NOW
Wood Yard Saves $18K, Adds 60 Production Hours Using TPC's PP&A Cable Rated for Extra Hard Usage READ NOW


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Your tool gets most of the job done with less time taken and fewer hazards to the operator!
Tyler McLaughlin
TT Electronics-IMS

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