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Power Assemblies

TPC Wire & Cable offers pre-built power assemblies for both low and medium voltage applications. Our low voltage power assemblies are fully molded and built to withstand harsh environmental hazards to deliver quick-disconnect plug and play power wherever needed. Our medium voltage assemblies are custom designed to your needs and fully tested prior to shipment reducing the risk of electrical failure in application.


MIL-C-24368/1 Shore Power Assemblies

MIL-C-24368/1 Shore Power Assemblies are specialized electrical systems that securely link marine vessels to shore power sources.

Oval Power Assemblies 4_Web_Small

Oval Power Assemblies

This rugged Oval Power Assembly is built with our Super-Trex® Type W Power Cable which provides a superior first line of defense against cutting, tearing, abrasion, and impact.

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Molded Single Pole Power Assemblies

Molded Single Pole Power Assemblies come in three different varieties - the Series 16 Taper Nose, the Series 18 Ball Nose, and the Series 22 Locking Taper Nose.

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Medium Voltage Assemblies

Medium Voltage Single Conductor Power cable is a highly flexible, single conductor, shielded medium voltage cable designed to ICEA standards.

Molded Power Splitters 3QV_Web_Small

Molded Power Splitters

TPC offers a wide range of compression transfer molded cable splitter options.