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Cable Management

Along with our standard and custom wire and cable products, we offer a comprehensive assortment of useful cable accessories to help you avoid the frustration of unnecessary downtime and perform regular electrical maintenance safely, accurately, and efficiently. We have a complete assortment of industrial-grade cable straps, cable sleeving, electrical components, tape, and tools that make great additions to any toolbox.

Grip-Seals® Aluminum Cable Glands for Flat Festoon Cable 3QV_Web_Small

Cable Glands

A full product family of cable glands in aluminum, nylon, or stainless steel, with or without strain relief, to extend the life of your cable.

Stainless Steel Flexible Tubing 3QV_Web

Cable Sleeving

Ceramic, fiberglass, silicone, and abrasion-resistant cable sleeving for exceptional protection and peace of mind.

Vulko-Wrap Yellow and Black 3QV_Web

Cable Tape

Electrical and thermal insulating tape, including high-temperature silica tape and Vulko-Wrap™ electrical insulating tape

Heat Shrink General_Web

Heat Shrink Tubing

Heavy-Duty high-ratio 6-to-1 heat shrink for a watertight seal, ideal for wet and corrosive environments and underground applications.

Large Handle Cable Cutter 3QV_Web_Small

Industrial Cable Tools

Introducing our Industrial Cable Tools, designed to make cable installation and maintenance a breeze. Our range of high-quality tools includes cable cutters, strippers, crimpers, and more, all built to withstand the rigors of industrial use.

Large Cord & Cable Reel Rack 3QV_Web_Small

Inventory Management

Large and small cable reel racks to help you organize and properly distribute cord, cable, and wire onsite.

Storage and Delpoyment20_Web-1

Storage Deployment Trailer

TPC provides storage and deployment cable trailer solutions for mobile substations that protect cable from damage and personnel from harm.

Cable Ties Macro_Web_Small

Wire Bundling

TPC Wire Bundling Products are the perfect solution for organizing and securing wires and cables. Our range includes cable ties and cable straps, all designed to simplify your wiring projects and improve the appearance and safety of your installations.