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M8 Nano Cordsets

All our Nano M8 Quick-Connex™ assemblies and accessories can withstand harsh weather and industrial environments. Used to interconnect tiny sensors and actuators, these nano M8 connectors play a vital role in some industrial applications.

Quick-Connex® M8 Nano Cordsets Female_Web_Small

Quick-Connex™ M8 Nano Cordsets

Quick-Connex M8 nano cordsets make the replacement of electrical and electronic control devices quick and simple.

Quick-Connex® M8 Nano Receptacles_Web_Small

Quick-Connex™ M8 Nano Receptacles

Quick-Connex™ M8 Nano Receptacles are available in both female and male panel mounted.

Quick-Connex® M8 Nano Field Installable Connectors 2_Web_Small

Quick-Connex™ M8 Nano Field Installable Connectors

Field Installable M8 Quick-Connex™ are impact and crush resistant. The IP67 rated shell and rubber bushing are sealed to provide protection against dust and water spray. Nickel plated brass coupling nut resists corrosion and provides a quick, secure assembly.