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Electrical Components

TPC Wire and Cable offers a wide range of industrial electrical components to help you optimize the performance, efficiency, and safety of your electrical systems. Our industrial electrical components are designed to withstand the harsh and demanding environments of industrial applications, from heavy machinery to chemical processing plants. Our components are available in various sizes, ratings, and configurations to meet the specific needs of your application.

Nylon Insulated Ring Terminal 3QV_Web_Small


High quality, solderless, industrial electrical terminals provide solid wire crimps that meld both stranded wire or solid wire with the barrel of the terminal into one strong electrical connection. Terminals are available as individual pieces or tape on reel (TOR).

Speed-Ease Connectors Front_Web 268 x 212


Industrial electrical connectors allow for easy and secure connections between wires, cables, or other electrical components, making it possible to transmit electrical signals or power between devices. Choosing the right type of connector is essential to ensure reliable and safe electrical connections.

Bullet Connectors 3QV_Web_Small


Electrical disconnects are an important component of electrical systems, as they help to protect against electrical hazards and ensure safe and efficient operation of equipment. It is important to follow proper procedures when working with electrical disconnects to avoid injury or damage to equipment.

Speed-Ease Ferrule 3QV_Web_Small

Speed-Ease Ferrules

Speed-ease ferrules are designed to simplify the process of terminating wires, making it faster and easier to achieve a reliable and secure connection. Speed-ease ferrules consist of a metal tube with a plastic sleeve, which is crimped onto the end of the wire. The plastic sleeve helps to prevent the wire strands from fraying or breaking, while the metal tube provides a secure connection point for the wire.

Terminal Blocks 3QV_Web_Small

Terminal Blocks

Electrical terminal blocks are devices used to connect multiple wires together in an electrical system. They consist of a strip or block of metal with several screw or clamp terminals arranged along it. Each terminal can accommodate one or more wires, which are secured in place by tightening the screw or clamp. Terminal blocks provide a secure and standardized connection point for wires.

Alligator Clips_Web_Small

Alligator Clips

Alligator clips are small spring-loaded metal clips used to temporarily connect electrical wires or components. They can be used to make temporary connections for testing or troubleshooting, or to hold wires in place while soldering or making permanent connections. Alligator clips are a versatile and convenient tool for working with electrical systems and components.