Electrical Components


Terminals on Tape Reel

Hoffman Products’ automatic processing equipment provides economical, fast and safe crimping with advanced state-of-the-art design.



High quality solderless terminals provide solid wire crimps that meld both stranded wire or solid wire with the barrel of the terminal into one strong electrical connection.


Speed-Ease Ferrules

High quality Speed-Ease™ tin plated ferrules are available in non-insulated or insulated styles for use in terminal blocks to avoid direct contact with wire and avoid the possibility of wire strand breakage.

releasable-speed-e-connector (1)

Speed-Ease Connectors

You can find a variety of popular Speed-Ease™ Connectors to choose from including standard, black high temperature and wing tab.


Cable Ties

Hoffman Products’ cable ties are quality products designed to provide application either by hand or tool.


Alligator Clips

Copper or nickel-plated, our alligator clips are available with or without insulation and are ideal for making a temporary connection.


Temperature Tag

The TPC Temperature Tag will allow you to choose the right cable for your environment.