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    Chemical Resistant Products


    Chem-Gard® multi-conductor shielded cables are rated up to 200 degrees Celsius and still remain flexible at -60 degrees Celsius. These shielded electrical cables provide both excellent chemical resistance and excellent service when exposed to extremely high temperatures. Chem-Gard eliminates the need for compounds or lubricants when pulling your multi-conductor shielded wire and cable through the conduit and the tough jacket will also withstand abrasion and cutting.

    Designed for use in a variety of industries, including steel, utility, mining, automotive, food and beverage, government, oil and gas, transportation, and wood, pulp, and paper markets, our shielded cables are long-lasting and dependable. In addition to withstanding exposure to chemicals, constant flexing, and extreme temperatures, each multi-conductor wire and cable effectively reduces electrical noise, leaving the electrical signals unaffected and reduce electromagnetic radiation. The rest of your electrical equipment will be protected from interference and your cable insulation and workers will be effectively protected from electrical shock. Additionally, each multi-conductor shielded wire and cable is manufactured to last, offering excellent flex life.

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    Norfolk Naval Shipyard brought to the rep’s attention a few ideas to improve our welding cables and lines. TPC picked up the ball and designed products that we now use at the Navy Yard every day.
    Douglas E. Kubizna
    Supervisor, Norfolk Naval Shipyard

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