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Data processing and information systems, high bandwidth digital applications and high data rate applications all require a cable that can offer electrical performance and reliability. If you are operating a high-tech and modern piece of machinery it simply makes sense to use the best possible bus cables to transmit the information. TPC Wire & Cable Corp. has the products you need to build a sound information infrastructure.

Trex-Onics® Festoon/Trailing PROFIBUS Cable is designed for use in industrial festoon applications where a superior cable is required. Trex-Onics ControlNet RG-6U Quad-Shield coaxial cable is designed for use in heavy-duty industrial ControlNet applications where a superior cable is required. We stock a variety of industrial Ethernet bus cables to choose from as well.

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Our phone number on the cable looks really cool, too.
Steve Uhlir
Operations Manager, Classic Diagnostic Imaging – Macedonia, Ohio

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