Thermocouple & RTD Wire

There are several types and grades of thermocouple extension wire and at TPC we give you a wide variety to choose from. Thermocouple extension wire is used for extending the connection from the thermocouple probe to the instrumentation control system.


Thermo-Trex® Thermocouple Extension Wire

Thermo-Trex® Thermocouple Extension Wire is used to carry the signal from the thermocouple sensor to the monitoring device.

Chem-Gard® RTD 200C Cable-1

Chem-Gard® 200 RTD Cable

Chem-Gard® 200 RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Cable is a high-temperature and chemical-resistant cable for control and instrumentation applications that can withstand a maximum conductor temperature of 200°C / 392°F.