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Cable Supplier to Food & Beverage Industry

Few industries have the complex and demanding hygienic requirements of Food & Beverage. High-pressure sprays, high water temperature, cleaners and sanitizers wear on electrical cables and connectors over time. As a leading supplier to the industry, TPC offers wire, cable, connectors, and assemblies that are designed to withstand abuse in these extreme environments from chemicals, abrasion, heat, cold, flexing, constant motion, and impact. Plants rely on signature products like Super-Trex® Portable Power and Automation Cable in concession areas, Chem-Gard® Industrial Ethernet Cable in control rooms and wash down areas, and Thermo-Trex® high temperature cables for bottling and canning applications. The result? Reduced downtime, lower overall costs, and increased productivity. If you have challenging applications in your processing, packaging, canning, or bottling facility and need cable solutions that go the distance, TPC is the supplier for you.

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