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The Food & Beverage Industry presents unique and stringent hygiene demands that only a few sectors can match. With continuous exposure to high-pressure sprays, elevated water temperatures, and rigorous cleaning and sanitization processes, electrical cables and connectors can suffer wear and tear. That's where our extensive range of durable wire and cables, specifically designed to resist chemicals and withstand extreme temperatures, comes into play. Our products are widely used in various critical areas such as packaging, fill lines, conveyors, freezers, fryers, grain terminals, washdown areas, and more. If your food & beverage facility faces challenging applications, we are the ideal choice to meet your needs!

Market Applications


Control Room  Cable Carrier Systems  Washdown Areas 
Fill Lines, Conveyors, Automation, Connectivity  Mixers / Grinders  Split saws  
Motors / Pumps  Bottling / Canning  Dehair 
Freezers / Chillers  Grain Elevators and Conveyors   
Fryers / Boilers  Utilities and water treatment   


As a leading supplier of wire and cable to Food & Beverage environments, our customers rely on signature products such as our highly flexible Type W and SOOW cables, high-temperature resistant cablesheat and chemical-resistant cables, and our family of control cables. Explore our featured products, literature, and case studies below to see how we’re helping reduce downtime and increase productivity for our customers in the food and beverage industry. 


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TPC Wire and Cable Solutions for Food & Beverage Applications 


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Food & Beverage Featured Solutions

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Food & Beverage Market Solutions Brochure

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VFD Cable Solutions

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Chem-Gard® Family of Cable for Extreme-Temperature & Chemicals

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Super-Trex® Family of Electrical Cord & Cable

TPC-Literature Image-02

Quick-Connex™ Family of Cord Sets & Cable Assemblies

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Thermo-Trex® Family of High-Temperature Wire, Cable & Sleeving

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VFD: Installing Cable that Powers and Protects

Case Studies


Potato Chip Manufacturer Keeps their Spice Machine Moving


Side Puller Machine Keeps Failing Due to Flexing Issues

21_Food and Bev

Power Cable Lasts 8 Years Before Failure in Concession Area


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