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Food & Beverage

Few industries have the complex and demanding hygienic requirements of the Food & Beverage industry. High-pressure sprays, high water temperature, cleaners and sanitizers wreak havoc on your electrical cables and connections over time. TPC products are designed to last in applications where cables are exposed to chemicals, abrasion, heat, cold, flexing and constant motion and impact. Downtime means labor, material and product waste — costs that can add up quickly. We offer tough and reliable product solutions that can withstand this daily abuse, outlast commodity cables, reduce downtime and keep your operation safely and efficiently up and running.

At TPC, research and development is a continuous process. We are always looking for new ways to improve our products to ultimately benefit our customers. Superior performance is a function of construction design, materials and matching the correct cable to the application. In the Food & Beverage market, our products are designed to meet the demanding needs for long-term reliability and reduced downtime.


Commonly Used Products


Case Studies
[Flexing] Download: Side Puller Machine Keeps Failing Due to Flexing Issues
[Flexing] Download: Potato Chip Manufacturer Keeps their Spice Machine Moving
[Impact] Download: New Cable Assembly for the Food and Beverage Market


“This cable [TPC’s Chem-Gard® 12/4] was all it was represented to be and more. My electricians loved working with it. We replaced 10 AWG THHN with 12/4 AWG for 15 H.P. blowers in a -30°F freezer and have better running motors with none of the overload problems we had before.”

– Robert M Rooker, Maintenance Manager, Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls