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When you are looking for a specific kind of electrical or thermal insulating tape, we have a variety in stock to handle both voltage and high temperature applications. Our High Temperature Silica Tape has a continuous temperature rating of 1,800°F and maximum short-term temperature of 3,000°F. This high temperature silicone tape is designed using 96% pure SiO2 silica fiber.

Installation Tip: To secure TPC Silica Tape in an intended application, each end can be terminated using a stainless steel wire tie or hose clamp. This prevents unraveling and any movement after the adhesive backing has burnt off.

If you need a non-adhesive, self vulcanizing insulating tape, our Vulko-Wrap™ Electrical Tape is perfect for resisting oil, water, ozone and many chemicals. By only adhering to itself it makes installation and removal on bus bars, terminations and electrical splices quick and easy. Vulko-Wrap Insulating Tape is available in black or yellow in two sizes.  We also offer a reinforced style for applications where additional mechanical strength is needed.

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Everyone working with cable or wire uses electrical tape on a regular basis. This type of tape is a good insulator for materials and electrical wires that conduct electricity. Commonly used to repair extension cords, de-ice frozen pipes, and heat gas tubing, it is one of the most versatile and popular products sold at TPC Wire & Cable Corp.

Choosing the Right Tape to Protect Cable or Wire

With so many different options available, choosing one that suits your specific needs can sometimes be difficult. However, our range of Vulko-Wrap™ and Thermo-Trex® tapes can be used for most maintenance related tasks. Designed to work well with high-voltage and high-temperature applications, these products offer ease of installation, extreme temperature properties, self-sealing design and the versatility, strength and length for most applications.

Let's take a closer look at TPC's tape options:

  • Vulko-Wrap™ Insulating Material (Black, Blue and Yellow) - Thermostatically controlled, this non-adhesive, self-vulcanizing tape is quick and easy to use. This puncture-resistant tape is impervious to chemicals, oil and water, and can be used on pipes, valves, pumps, bearings, gas tubing and filter housing. After 24 hours at room temperature, it becomes fully bonded. Plus, removing it leaves no residue. Non-reinforced Vulko-Wrap stretches more than 2-1/2 times its length allowing it to tightly grip any surface. Click here for video demo.
  • Vulko-Wrap™ Insulating Material (Black Reinforced) - This black reinforced option can also be used for any electrical connection. It differs from the non-reinforced Vulko-Wrap by adding glass yarn fibers to add additional strength for the harshest applications. This non-adhesive, self-vulcanizing tape requires no heat and is quick and easy to use, so jobs get done properly. Suitable for use on parts that vibrate or move, it conforms to irregular shapes without compromising insulation. It is available in 40 mil thickness. Click here for video demo.
  • Thermo-Trex® High Temperature Silica Tape - This electrical tape is a good choice for work with hoses, assemblies, and cable wires that are exposed to temperatures ranging from 1,800°F-3,000°F. Made with pure SiO2 silica fiber outer layers, this thermostatically controlled tape is not affected by extreme heat and will not unravel. No need to disconnect hoses or cables when fitting this strong and cut-resistant tape. When heated, the backing decomposes, leaving the assembly, cable wire or hose wrapped flawlessly. Silica tape is not an insulating tape.